Zymphonic Wormhole, an installation by Seattle-based artists J-Kat and Shelly, at Burning Man 2014 (Photo by Scott London) The Zymphonic Wormhole was a a 2014 Burning Man installation, created by the art group  Recreational Light and Magic, a Totally Legit LLC, and funded by Burning Man.

A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space, creating shortcuts for long journeys across the universe.  We used a zipline passing through a shell of ropes woven to form catenary curves — with interactive sound and lighting — to create the experience of passing into the future.

For a better understanding of the experience, please watch our Youtube video.

We thank Burning Man for the grant that made this installation possible.

Shelly Farnham was the creative director for this project and developed the initial concept and design with Julie Betterley.  However this was very much a collaborative project created by her art group Recreational Light and Magic, with Dann Walker as the lead for the metal structure, Jeff Larson as the lead for the launching structure design, Jeremy Calvert as the lead for the interactive LEDs (with Kinect), Melissa Quinhalha as lead for the sound design, and Brian Keane as lead for the 3D modeling required to create the structure.

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