spacevirgn1Working as creative director on a large scale collaborative project (~30 people from the SV arts collective), we created a 1/3rd scale facade of the Parthenon “Space Virgin Temple”.  This temple appeared at Burning Man from 2002 – 2004.

The temple was created as the home of virgin sacrifice and revirginization.    The temple facade was built so that people could stand in the pediment, a live fresco of gods of goddesses.

virgintemple1In 2004, I created a Space Virgin Goddess as a literal sacrificial object.   She was crafted by taping newspaper and masking tape around a copper wire armature.  She stood in front of the temple, and people wrote messages on the goddess’ body over the course of a week. We then burned her in a large bon fire.


Space Virgin Temple with Space Virgin Goddess | 2004 | Burning Man | Comments (0)