picture31photo by Lara Feltin

For Burning Man 2005, I created a “Space Oracle” installation as the centerpiece of the Space Virgin space station.  The space station was a large scale, collaborative theme camp project.

The Space Oracle explores the role of dramatic environments in helping people suspend disbelief to experience the “theatre” of a moment.  Participants received messages from the future by standing on the oracle, a platform in a fluted tube of patterned string.  The person seeking answers would tpicture41ype their questions into a keyboard on the station.  Responses to questions were then projected on the wall of the space station itself.
The visual story of the oracle was integrated into the space station via an antennae on top of the space station, and a satellite dish in front of the space station, indicating the messages were being received via satellite from the sky.
picture8photos by Leo Spizzirri

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