As a part of the Attacks from Mars pinball machine, made by my art group Recreational Light and Magic, (a Totally Legit LLC), I designed and painted over 90 feet of murals for the pinball machine box and back glass.

Fully Assembled Pinball, Left Side
Fully Assembled Pinball Right Side
Original Design Concept
Close Up of Side Mural
Close Up of Top Panel, with "Defender Robot"
Close Up of Top Panel, with “Defender Robot”

My overall role for this project was creative director, including creating the original concept design, designing and sketching the murals, and painting the more complex figurative aspects of the mural.  Many others contributed the mural overall, in particular Jeff Larson, Greg Larson, Lea Willingham, Ben Flaster, April Suzanne Denton, and H.B. Seigel.

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